The Peers of Divine – A Poem

IMG_2950Fall upon the ranks of man;

Grovel to be free,
Apathetic to be left to mourn.

Rise upon the man of lords;

Nothing can live in this valley of life,
Nothing can wither that is not born.

Sit atop the lords of none;

Weathered is our kin,
Incoherent are their sons.

Isaac Olajos

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Inherited Disguise, Did I Not? – A Poem

IMG_2850There is no passion left in this place:

Did we lose sight?
Looking at each other’s form in this drunken light;
I did not see the mask.

The veil of flesh that fooled my eyes,
Letting you pass for that princess that was not,
nor would ever be.

Still, if you needed someone to lean on, I would
Bearing that burden because this mess rooted in my chest told me,
maybe I should.

A hopeless act conjured words that were never spoken.
Transforming endlessly
To ideas that would.

For some foolish fancy; my mind dug down:

Fathoms, fallacy and phantoms,
into a depth that would make me forget,
That i could.

Lose sight of what was, to make way for that time:
When night gave into day and the sky burned more than it ought,
I lost myself, or maybe I did not?

A gaze into your eyes;
To my surprise the final stare found me somewhere in an inferno of beauty that i could never quite reach,
For I had not learned to search.

You could teach me to scour,
Yet I never could say if the death of desire would not decay;
Melting away with my thoughts.

I have no fear of what is clear to happen.
Fear is that moment when life takes you and screams in your face
and to everyones surprise we know,

The fear you feel is only real,
when you think:
This could all be for nothing.

Isaac Olajos

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Future Incandescence – A Poem

When our monsters run dry,IMG_2067
And the fire and the smoke is nothing but purified ash.
When the long forgotten moon no longer sits as high;

Its factory suggested glow,
Flickering as it cowers low in the blacked out sky;
Censored, for the stars are offensive.

When our leaders and liars aren’t one in the same.
Maybe it will all be seamless,
Maybe we will all go to war.

Our bodies will not protest,
and love ends as nothing, but a forced emotion.
It’s feeling lost by the test of time.

When we have nothing real left to speak against.
That is our demise,
That is our saviour.

Isaac Olajos


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Beyond Our Desire – A Poem

We lip sync our wedding vows;IMG_2346
The ghostwriter behind his ironic typewriter,
His image more refined than his words.

Clamouring away at promises that mean nothing to him,
And nothing to them.
For lust overthrows the king of the heart.

Give him one more flash of that fake smile,
Just there, stop, hold time for a moment.
Forget that downhill is our road from here.

Though love is now but a game,
Interpreting actions by theoretical names,
Care only initiated by those who are separated:
Their money at stake.

At what time did responsibility, give way to a sense of entitlement?
That ones time is better spent living a destructive dream,
Than creating a lasting legacy.

We grab hold to our expectations,
Fabled fantasies burn with cliché.
They are our destiny, Or so we seem to think.

We are not paid to care,
We do not have time to try,
And we wonder why we are lost.

Isaac Olajos


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Apathy, Thoughts of We – A Poem

DSCF6064           The scent of diesel.
Lungs a cage, fighting breath for joy.
            Monsters purring line the tar,
Like trains to towns unknown.
            Returning grins forced a mask,
Weaved by hearts who mourn.
            Further and further that carriage drove,
Till its roar was but a drone.
            Typhoons; arms and legs whirl around,
As busy as death at the weeks birth,
            Yet seconds feel like days,
And days mean nothing.
            Organs churning, filing fragments,
Shreds of thoughts tongues do not touch,
            For ears that hear will feed It.
I tread on; Spitting into the wind, pressing on when the heat was more than one could hone.
            I long to hear those fiends again,
Their hearts will bring me home,
            Waiting for the day,
When they fail to let alone.
-Isaac Olajos  
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The Departure – A Poem

DSCF6339Life seems to move a bit slower,
but time isn’t stopping.

The ticking Clocks lining the walls turn to angered calls as we freeze.
They Scream for us to follow;

For rules tell that this day must push on.
It could never be made long, so I say no;
Let’s not go, at least for a moment.

Stomachs tumbled to our knees,
as our heads drift away in the still breeze;

It was the frustration you feel when your pen runs out of ink, yet there is so much left to say.
and still, I did not feel.

For fear that this was not real, fed fear that this could end.
My will began to bend as I could take no more,
sides caving in I yelled “cannibals.”

Then I took to your eyes.
If death gripped me now I would hold my head and raise my brow,

With them wide it would know:
looking from your eyes, I am fearless.

It could not help but close the gap,
as my strings that each been tapped, filed each note.
One by one they stood;

Hoping they could hear.
With my breath filling up their ears, you left me.

Bursting from my burdened stings,
Fortissimo; and with them, They bring…


Playing a song that once longed to be written,
yet words would not allow it.

Although, They can still write, letting me know,
Distance is not big enough

-Isaac Olajos

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