To The Once Brave – A Poem

IMG_1078Death is but an impression of life.
Their actions will follow you in time.
Lives affecting yours, ended or not.

Think, and they will have been restored.
Feel, and they will have been reborn.
Fight, and our hearts will cease to mourn.

Look to your left, move to your right.
Death may only feel like death;
When they should stand tall at your side.

Isaac Olajos

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In Time – A Poem


Time has no place here.

The throne of man cowers in the shadow,
For once our greatest kingdoms fall;
The trees will have but blinked.

Writing profound poetry of legacy and death,
Scratching the blood of ink into the white flesh of history,
Praying that our consciousness lives on.

We fear that we will be nothing,
That no man will rejoice in our wake,
That our greatest triumphs will fade into apathy.

Isaac Olajos

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The Departure – A Poem

DSCF6339Life seems to move a bit slower,
but time isn’t stopping.

The ticking Clocks lining the walls turn to angered calls as we freeze.
They Scream for us to follow;

For rules tell that this day must push on.
It could never be made long, so I say no;
Let’s not go, at least for a moment.

Stomachs tumbled to our knees,
as our heads drift away in the still breeze;

It was the frustration you feel when your pen runs out of ink, yet there is so much left to say.
and still, I did not feel.

For fear that this was not real, fed fear that this could end.
My will began to bend as I could take no more,
sides caving in I yelled “cannibals.”

Then I took to your eyes.
If death gripped me now I would hold my head and raise my brow,

With them wide it would know:
looking from your eyes, I am fearless.

It could not help but close the gap,
as my strings that each been tapped, filed each note.
One by one they stood;

Hoping they could hear.
With my breath filling up their ears, you left me.

Bursting from my burdened stings,
Fortissimo; and with them, They bring…


Playing a song that once longed to be written,
yet words would not allow it.

Although, They can still write, letting me know,
Distance is not big enough

-Isaac Olajos

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