The Lost Lands – A Poem


Lay your castles in the sand,
Long before the road at hand.
Set your troops upon a cheer,
Watch as women, children leer.

Give your army, weapons old.
Frightful in their hand they hold.
Fill your cup with rancid wine,
Watch them drink till none can dine.

Castle cradled in your hand,
Hopes for bounty, another land.
Priceless penny, fountains gold,
Watch your lovers’ hearts grow cold.

Drunken general, loyal and sold,
Troops lack spirit, battle bold.
Crater sitting in the sand,
A place where once your castle’d stand.

Isaac Olajos

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For Another Year – A Poem

Thoughts of many,IMG_2968
Thoughts of few.
Dream of future,
Dream come true.

Chasing ghosts
To come too soon.
Chasing dreams,
To lose a few.

Evade the ghosts,
Evade the new.
Find a future,
Found for you.

Search a place,
Not alone.
Search for space,
Call my home.

Isaac Olajos

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Conversations With My Sister – A Short Laugh

IMG_00000440My sister says some pretty entertaining things. As much as I love her, I thought I would share a few at her expense, and at your gain. I have no idea if you will find the scenarios I listed here amusing, or if its humour is a result of my connection with my family, yet I hope you are entertained.

Think of these in a Jennamarbles voice:

1- Chicken Wings.

Scenario: We are at a local restaurant. The female waitress comes up to us, about to take our order.

ME: I’ll get the souvlaki please.
WAITRESS: Ok, and for you? (looking at my sister, pen at the ready)
AKAYLA: (Sets her posture, begins to speak in a polite, proper tone) I’ll have the one ib of wings please! (pronounced ib. Literally.)
WAITRESS: Excuse me? (stifles a laugh)
AKAYLA: (In the same tone) One ib, it says right here!
ME: Akayla, thats L. B. It’s not an ib, it’s the symbol for pound.
AKAYLA: OHHH. Yeah ill have that.

2 – The Creature.

Scenario: I’m driving my sister back to our house at 1am. We live out in the middle of the woods, so there are few houses between our destinations. We see something on the road ahead of us.

AKAYLA: OHHH WHATS THAT! (pointing to a furry creature in the high beams)
ME: It’s a groundhog.
AKAYLA: No no its not.
ME: Akayla, it’s a groundhog.
ME: What?
AKAYLA: (Enthusiastic and pressed to the window) It must be, like, like, OMG A MiniBEAR.
ME: I don’t think thats real.
AKAYLA: YES. It definitely is. Pull over! Let me take a picture! Ohhh it’s running away.
ME: No, It’s a groundhog.
(It was a groundhog)

3 – Hot Sauce.

Scenario: We are discussing halloween costumes. She pulls out a picture on her phone and begins to explain to me what she’s going to be.

AKAYLA: I’m going to be hot sauce. Isn’t that great?
ME: Oh yeah? What does the costume look like?
AKAYLA: (shows me a picture on her phone) This is it. I ordered the T-shirt.
ME: Oh thats cool, where are you getting the Sriracha (Pronounced ser-ratch-ah. You know the company.) t-shirt?
AKAYLA: (pauses for a moment to think) Who is that?
ME: What?
AKAYLA: Who is that? I don’t know who Sir Ratcha is? I’ll look him up.
ME: (Laughing at a loss for words.)

I love my family.

Happy arting,

Isaac Olajos

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Restless – A Poem

Dressed in dreams,IMG_2505
We do not sleep.
Our minds are lost,
Not ours to keep.

Stars are strangers,
Taught to weep.
Our future lost,
Twas ours too steep?

Friends or follies,
At a low.
A frugal bounty,
A heart to stow.

Friends or follies,
A common foe.
The fickle bounty,
We won’t let go.

Isaac Olajos

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6 Life Lessons From My Father – Happy Birthday

IMG_2250Throughout life you are bombarded with life lessons, most of them are garbage (to be kind). Ones you can always count on are those your family gives you. Yeah they require a bit of self interpreting sometimes, but they are always rooted in the best of intentions. Some of the most valuable lessons that have shaped me as a man are those from my father. In lue of his birthday, I thought I would share some:

1 – Be a Man.

Yeah it’s cliche, but not in the way you would think. I come from a long line of manly men. My grandfather would saw casts off in his bathtub to play hockey, run out and race cars, build everything with his bare hands. Even when it came to the “not so manly things,” they would be as manly as it gets. My grandfather cried a few times. Once when we bought him a giant BBQ, and always during the national anthem. That is being a true man, and my father passed this down to me first hand. He taught me to hunt, to never run away from my problems and face them head on, to always keep my word, to be loyal to family and friends. My father showed me that no matter how many physical things you do, being a man boils down to how you deal with everyday occurrences in life. Doing this with courage, honour, and discipline makes the man.

2 – No One Ever Broke From the Crowd Working For Someone Else.

No one ever became a millionaire by working for someone else. This is what my dad taught me. If you want to succeed and I mean really succeed, you must create something that is your own. It’s a huge risk, but if you work hard, have people you trust behind you, and are bred with a hint of intelligence and creativity you can succeed on your own. Even if you make a mediocre salary, working for yourself is always more rewarding than being a drone in someones army who has already mastered this skill.

3 – Love What You Do.

Again a total cliche but this is a fact few people realize. We have far too many doctors hating their career, which makes for far too many terrible doctors. The only way you can find a fulfilling life is if you love what you do. If you don’t how will you ever live with yourself when you’ve been in the same hole for 40 years? Even if you have a career you don’t love, do something you love as a hobby. A life without passions is not a life I wish on anyone.

4 – Blood Trumps All.

You would think this is the italian in me talking and partially it is. Yet one thing i have learned from my father is blood trumps all. No matter how many bridges you burn, if you love your family they will always have your back. My family is incredibly close and i think keeping them close was and still is a driver of my success. When I achieve, I do not do so for myself but to make my family proud. My dad showed me that your family is an extension of yourself, and without them you are not a whole.

5 – Get Outside.

Hunt, fish, hike, swim, camp. Get outside. I mean really get outside. Once in every persons life they should venture into the woods where you cannot hear a car, see a house, find a friend. Go out by yourself and get in touch with nature. My dad introduced me to this part of my hobby and it is one of the most rewarding I have. Being outside is like meditating. You hear nothing but yourself and you realize how loud the secluded world can become.

On top of this, everyone who chooses to eat meat should hunt once. It sounds barbaric to some but it really makes you realize the hidden world where your burger comes from. When you have to practice your skills in order take the life of an innocent animal, then skin it, prepare its meat, and eat it, you really gain a sense of oneness with the natural world. You also learn to appreciate that burger infinitely more.

6 – There Will Always Be More, But Seek It Till You Die.

You will never be the best there is, but never stop trying. The world is bigger than any man can handle, but never stop exploring. There is more to learn than our inefficient minds can compile, yet never stop compiling. These are some mantras my dad has taught me. I don’t deny the possibility of being the richest, or the smartest, or the best. Yet the probability is slim. The only way a great man is made, is when he accepts he will never achieve greatness, yet indefinitely pursues it.

Happy Birthday Dad,

Isaac Olajos

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Fletching – A Short Narrarative

IMG_00000401It is your child.
Cradled about your fingers, gently.
You control it,
Shape it,
Riddle it with great expectations.

Then it slips;
From your grasp, into the world it flies.
You hope it will land on its mark,
That you have found it’s strength.
That you have prepared it for the winds it may encounter.

It must find flesh,
It must find meaning.
You must have a legacy.

Isaac Olajos

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The Locks Of Love – A Poem

IMG_2433The keys to the covenant settled in silt,
The pins in the promise are rusted.

Our tumblers tattered and tasked to the tale,
The point in this problem is trusted.

All Faceless and frozen in future,
A fable so flawless, forget.

The lock on this bridge is not broken,
The promise made here, a debt.


Isaac Olajos

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Love of Affair – A Poem


Through times of tragic turn and loss,
When what happens is; my touch embossed.

Memories upon your skin,
Melodies to hide from kin.

Follow freely, lose the heart,
Lose the game, dismiss the start.

Follow freely, folds of skin
Forget your love, forsake your kin.

Isaac Olajos

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To a New Year – A Poem

Into the void again, we will go.
Alive we rear,
but the dead they do not know.

Voices ring,
We sing this song.
They forget,
Not knowing, unable to sing along.

It is ours,
Grasp the void, embrace the go.
Alive we forget,
How they did once glow.

Isaac Olajos

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Recovered Data – A Poem

When I trace the sunset to your door.
When I lose the moon, to find it in your eyes.
When my thoughts and memories scrawled onto a single paper, melt away;
Folded, flying, falling.
We were planes, lost to the ocean.


Isaac Olajos

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