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Count Down From Ten – Isaac Olajos


Count Down from Ten is a 300 page epic experiment of sorts. Currently working on a ReWrite, more content, more mind-melt.




        “Give me a picture, and I will give you a thousand words. Give me a word, and I will recreate the world in its likeness.”

        Steel and canvas litter the ocean. The wind behind the sail; held there only by the blood of strangers. Amid the chaos of a life less ordinary, stands Davet.

        Painfully normal, love and loss drive him from the small town he grew up in. Following a man he knew nothing of, to chase another he wishes only to forget.

        With an array of companions more lost than he is, the course life sets out for each of us is tried and tested in this tale of love, war, hate, and man’s failure in the face of disarray.

Conversations With The Dead – Isaac Olajos


Be on the lookout for this next book, the second novel by Isaac Olajos. Updates coming soon!

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