IMG_2695When you think, inspire someone.

With ThinkWords my main goal is to inspire. From convincing you to look at something just a bit differently, to influencing a thousand-page epic. The work you find here will be aimed at just that.

ThinkWords.org is a literature blog created by myself for people who wish to inspire others, or be inspired with what we create. Poems, Essays, Short Stories, Novellas, Song Lyrics, Articles and any other Random creations can be found here.

Join the creation and post your own work on ThinkWords, or simply read others. Comment on what you like, dislike, or anything in between. If you have any questions feel free to email isaacolajos@hotmail.com or leave a comment for small inquiries.


**All Literary and Photographic Material on ThinkWords.org is property of the author who published it unless otherwise stated.

6 thoughts on “About”

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