The Fall – A Poem

IMG_1535There is a cliff somewhere.
One which we must all plunge from.
It’s height varies in time,
It’s slopes rise and fall with our hearts.

When we leave its edge,
We may not cease to exist.
For the fall does not finish us,
Yet, the jump decides our fate.

Each man must disappear into the blackness,
Fight his instincts,
Fear his existence.
Find himself before his momentum halts.

Can we rise against the swell of our thought?
Lift the weight of worry from our shoulders?
Comfort our fluttering hearts?
Heat the frigid wasteland that captures our skin?

As you stumble through the woods, to come upon your cliff,
Hear the trees crack as their spines stretch to the stars.
Do not peer over the edge,
For life ceases to mean, as the end is seen.

Isaac Olajos

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