The Locks Of Love – A Poem

IMG_2433The keys to the covenant settled in silt,
The pins in the promise are rusted.

Our tumblers tattered and tasked to the tale,
The point in this problem is trusted.

All Faceless and frozen in future,
A fable so flawless, forget.

The lock on this bridge is not broken,
The promise made here, a debt.


Isaac Olajos

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9 thoughts on “The Locks Of Love – A Poem”

      1. I must say it threw me a little just now when you asked for any suggestions. I guess some of us, myself included, get caught up putting out words out there it becomes a self absorbed task in the WordPress community. In saying that I’d have to go back and really think about what I could suggest. As far as I can see you already touch a lot of bases and I like your work. Sorry for the long reply.

      2. Love the long reply! and my view is write about things people want to hear, and then they will hear things you want to write about ;P

      3. Valid point :). Well it may seem cliche but what about something in regards to your hopes for the new leaf we call 2014.

      4. I did a poem about enduring 2014 😛 but Ill put one up about what i hope for it tomorrow! Thanks 🙂 hope to hear more from you soon!

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