Inherited Disguise, Did I Not? – A Poem

IMG_2850There is no passion left in this place:

Did we lose sight?
Looking at each other’s form in this drunken light;
I did not see the mask.

The veil of flesh that fooled my eyes,
Letting you pass for that princess that was not,
nor would ever be.

Still, if you needed someone to lean on, I would
Bearing that burden because this mess rooted in my chest told me,
maybe I should.

A hopeless act conjured words that were never spoken.
Transforming endlessly
To ideas that would.

For some foolish fancy; my mind dug down:

Fathoms, fallacy and phantoms,
into a depth that would make me forget,
That i could.

Lose sight of what was, to make way for that time:
When night gave into day and the sky burned more than it ought,
I lost myself, or maybe I did not?

A gaze into your eyes;
To my surprise the final stare found me somewhere in an inferno of beauty that i could never quite reach,
For I had not learned to search.

You could teach me to scour,
Yet I never could say if the death of desire would not decay;
Melting away with my thoughts.

I have no fear of what is clear to happen.
Fear is that moment when life takes you and screams in your face
and to everyones surprise we know,

The fear you feel is only real,
when you think:
This could all be for nothing.

Isaac Olajos

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