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There are many types of writers out there, yet I still I find they can be lumped into two categories: Those who swear by theory and structure, and those who simply write. I have no problems with either, and both can be phenomenal or terrible depending on skill. I for one am one who just writes. I will not go out of my way to insert specific rhetorical devices, abide by certain structures or formats, and sometimes even grammar check (I like commas too much).

If someone reads my work and says, “hey, your structure is terrible”, all I can say is “how do you know, it’s ‘my’ structure.” On that note, any ways to improve my writing are welcomed as long as you take from it what I want you to take: the thoughts words inspire.

My goals for this blog are to provide a place for myself, and others to share their writing. As well as have a place and read what others create. Also, as I cannot stress enough, take something positive from the words on here.

I have always been an avid reader and writer. My first clue was when everyone my age was learning to read Dr. Suess’ “Hop on Pop” (which is a great children’s read) I was beginning the “Inkspell” series. I went on to write haikus about the beauty of nature and all of its adversaries in grade four while everyone else was writing about how batman smells.

On that note, you will find songs, formal essays (usually for school), narrative, short stories, poems, and eventually a book by myself. They are all original works, and the pictures attached to any of my publications are ones I have taken myself. Feel free to comment on anything, as well as paraphrase my work, because I would love to see the meaning people take from it.

Overall, I am not particularity crisp, but I have my moments. Enjoy what you read, and if you enjoy it enough, leave a mark! As I always say, if I can inspire just one person to create something of value to them, I have done what should be done.

Happy reading, happy writing.

Isaac Olajos

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4 thoughts on “A Note About My Writing – Isaac Olajos”

  1. I am definitely someone who just writes. The more I attempt to structure my writing the worse the actually writing becomes. 😛
    You have a good outlook on writing. I believe more writers should adopt this mentality. Then again, to each his own.

    1. Thats a good point, but I think whatever allows you to convey your message the strongest is how you should write. For me it is simply writing, for others it may be rewriting, rereading, and reorganizing until it is perfect. Thanks for the comment!

  2. Hi Isaac…i have been reading over your writing and listening to some the songs you have written and put on youtube. I like the freedom of your writing, your ideas flow and encourage the reader to stay engaged in your thoughts. Your music is a wonderful reflection of how you are feeling about the music, very laid back yet so creative. Thank you for sharing what you do on line and I look forward to reading and listening to more.
    Jeff McMillan

    1. Thanks for the insight! Feedback is always appreciated because it motivates me to do more and better. Im trying to average one post a day to bring up my content. I look forward to hearing more of your thoughts.
      Isaac Olajos

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